Holding Tank Systems
Holding tanks, also referred to as storage tanks are useful on large properties requiring higher volumes of water.
holding tanks are available in various sizes ranging from 500 ltr to 10 000 ltr the latter being the most popular size
providing capacity to ensure sufficient water supply to irrigation systems.

Holding tank maintenance
The holding tanks are always included in the maintenance schedule when the borehole is serviced.

What size water tank do I need (Tank capacity)?

Several factors should to taken into account when calculation
the size of your water tank.

The amount of water used for irrigation. (draw down)

The size of the irrigation system.

The size of the irrigation pump.

The flow rate (supply rate) of the wellpoint or borehole.

The number of people in the home.

The size of the roof.

The type of roof (Metal / Tile).

The space available for water tanks.